I am pleased to meet you!

I am Bianca Melchert, Recruitment Account Manager.


It will be my pleasure to support you in the achievement of your objectives in this unique career opportunity.

Working home-based with access to your local Syneos Health office, you, our Commercial Lead for EU 4 or EU 11, will drive this opportunity. You will provide commercial market access and operational/commercial leadership to the assigned KAM team, ensuring their performance against the set objectives.


Working as the Commercial Lead, partnering extensively in the field, whilst collaborating closely with the global project lead and our client, this is your chance to drive success. 

The Core Tasks:


  • You provide business unit development and leadership (vision, inspiration, motivation, direction) for a high performing KAM team in a group of countries.

  • As the Commercial Lead, you develop and execute sales strategies and translate the corporate commercial plan and strategy into local country plans ensuring optimal profitability, and productivity.

  • Providing active help to ensure smooth Market Access in the local markets and translating the corporate marketing strategy into a local strategy is an additional core task in your new 

The Work Location


You are free to work partly home-based and in one of our offices close to your home. We want to ensure, that you have full access to all necessary resources. That's why we will provide you with a fully equipped workplace for your home office (Laptop, monitor, docking station, mobile phone, iPad, printer/fax)

The Responsibility


In the Commercial Lead role, it is all about your contribution. Partnering closely with our client, Marketing and the Global Project Lead, you will have an impact on all commercial actions in your region. Our national Key Account Manager will report to you. Our project lead and our customer seek your consultancy on all related topics and it will be you who drives the decisions within the assigned tasks.


As our Commercial Lead in a launch and start-up situation, working with a highly scientifically driven organisation and embedded in a high-performance environment, you will be the centre point for all related activities.


The Innovation


You will join an environment which grants success by the pursuit of learning new skills and implementing better tools and procedures at any time. In addition to the drug itself our fast growing organisation is driven by the commitment to deliver continuously best in class services for our clients and employees.   

What does it take to get this job?

You are a commercial professional who has worked in an international environment and led organisations or business units. You are used to leading teams remotely and demonstrated your knowledge of Market Access, Leadership, Sales and organisational Excellence. You have experience in partnering with marketing, have good computer skills (MS Office) and are fluent in English.


As a person, you love exchanging ideas and information with your peers, colleagues and team members. A "customer first" attitude is as much a part of your work ethic as your ability to establish and maintain relationships with the people surrounding you. Thanks to your sense of leadership you have the ability to influence others. 

Is this you?


We are a team-oriented organisation and believe in success being created by people partnering with each other. As a member of our project team, you will be a role model for all commercial staff in this pan-European project.


We appreciate that every person is different and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. So no worries if you might slightly differ in some of the qualities expressed in the left-hand side graphic. Never the less this should give you a good idea about the type of person we think would fit best. 


Do not wait and apply today! Either through our career portal or by sending us your CV via e-mail.

Syneos Health (Nasdaq:XXX) is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization. Our company, including a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), is purpose-built to address new market realities where clinical and commercial share expertise, data and insights to accelerate biopharmaceutical performance.

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The spirit of partnership is critical to success at Syneos Health Selling Solutions. We integrate seamlessly with our clients and do what’s best for their success. We’re hungry for growth; ramping up our client-specific and therapeutic areas of expertise quickly. Our vast experience makes us some of the most talented professionals in the industry, but we check our egos at the door. Self-driven, we’re inspired by tackling challenges and taking ownership to ensure successful execution. We pride ourselves on our custom and creative solutions, requiring us to be flexible and adapt to our dynamic environment.

Syneos Health (Nasdaq:SYNH) Syneos Health ist der einzige vollintegrierte Dienstleister im Bereich klinischer Studien (CRO) und Kommerzialisierung von Arzneimitteln (CCO).

Unser Leistungsspektrum im Bereich Kommerzialisierung umfasst Consulting, Training und Communications genauso wie Vakanz-Management, Personalvermittlung, Patient Adherence, eDetailing, teilweise oder komplette Übernahme für Produktlinien und die Bereitstellung von Außendienst/ eDetailing-Linien.

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