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I am pleased to meet you!

I am Steven Rogers, Recruitment Account Manager for the UK at Syneos Health.

It will be my pleasure to support you in your achievement of your business objectives

Your headcount need is important, and the position is complex, the process to get the right people in time though shouldn't be either time consuming or complex. This is why we, at inVentiv Health, offer you a clearly structured and straight forward model for the timely filling of your openings.

Direct to Headcount Services (DtH)

Our                                                     Approach 

We have the largest recruitment function in the industry, enabling us to quickly scale our teams to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Whether we’re building a team from the ground up, or augmenting an existing one, we only hire those with the experience, expertise and determination to energise our client’s business at every possible moment.


Our clients can also leverage our services to recruit qualified candidates for their internal teams. Our thanks to our unique sourcing capabilities and an excellent network into the industry, we have access to thousands of highly skilled pharmaceutical professionals, interested in improving their career and open to discussing your opportunity. We work with clients on a broad range of recruitment services, from developing job profiles and screening candidates to background checks and training.

Very often it appears that in a standard agency model, the client is doing the agency's work. Hiring Managers are constantly interrupted in their daily work for agency questions and their request to approve either additional costs, longlisted applicants, possible changes in the requirements, clarifications of job descriptions etc. The reason for this is not to ensure a high quality of delivery but to reduce the risk of failure for the agency.

Selling Solution DtH services focus on the coverage of your needs. Our process is straight forward and targeted on one objective only, the timely filing of your vacant position with the best talent. Our approach is simple and effective:


  • We ensure a clear understanding of your need through a structured Recruitment Workshop. 

  • We create a unique value proposition to ensure attraction of talent

  • We autonomously run the entire pre-selection process and put the final top three candidates forward for your Hiring Manager to interview, coordinate your selection process and support you in the extension of your offer. 

The                                                     Advantages

  • One assigned Recruitment professional covering the entire process - no split responsibilities between, Sourcer, Recruiter and Account Manager, no risk of losing information on the way.

  • Recruitment Workshop to cover all information needs - Our dedicated Recruitment Account Manager acts as your external talent advisor, seeking to gather a perfect understanding of your needs and share insights on the employment market to develop a fitting profile and to agree on expected timelines.


  • Ongoing Reporting - We know about the importance of your request, this is why we keep you continuously updated via our Recruitment Dashboard. If you wish, we even grant you access to our internal Applicant Tracking System for real time information. 


  • Fair Pricing - We offer a different pricing model to other agencies, rather than sending the candidate over and calculating a percentage of their salary, we offer fixed prices, which makes costs to you calculable and therefore makes budgeting easier.

We are here to help! Our dedicated Recruitment Account Managers are supporting you in the realisation of your hiring targets. Whether in temporary support via vacancy managed solutions or for permanent hires; they know their market by heart and are keen to share their knowledge with you.

Contact our Team for more information!

Syneos Health is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization. Our company, including a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), is purpose-built to address new market realities where clinical and commercial share expertise, data and insights to accelerate biopharmaceutical performance.

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